Never put a Fiat engine into a Jaguar!

Never put a Fiat engine into a Jaguar!
The main point of this blog is to advise you not to sell your web presence short with inadequate hosting. We are seeing it more and more these days where website owners get impressive and costly sites developed but the page load time is so slow that Google lowers the new website’s ranking. It’s such a shame to invest time and money in a spanking new site, with high resolution imagery, video etc. only to find out it has a lower SEO ranking than its older version.

Modern frameworks function in a way that assumes a sufficient server will be in place to run the website/application. Much of the data on up-to-date systems is processed on page load prior to page delivery so the engine needs to be able to handle the requests quickly and efficiently.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) have revolutionised hosting by offering high spec. servers at very low cost which has allowed much more CPU intensive websites/applications. One thing to be aware of however is AWS servers do require server managers. If properly managed however, servers can be configured to best suit the needs of your particular site. There is also an endless amount of AWS services that can be applied to speed up, monitor and better administer your web presence.

To sum up don’t put a Fiat engine into a Jaguar. It will look great but the way it drives will let you down!

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