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Migrate or transfer a WordPress site to AWS in minutes with WP Migrate 2 AWS!

Don’t lose anymore sales or upset your website users any longer! Migrate your WordPress site to AWS Cloud absolutely FREE and in minutes! Click Here to download our automated migration tool. Migrate or transfer as many sites as you like completely FREE of charge during our beta phase! No license fees or AWS hosting usage charges will apply during this time *.

* 2020-01-20 13:36:15 Phase 1 beta registration is now closed (oversubscribed). 10-use production credits applied to this phase only.

* 2020-03-13 11:29:11 Phase 2 beta applications remain open. No AWS usages charge apply to participants of this phase – finishes April 15th, 2020

Do you need to migrate or transfer a WordPress site to AWS Cloud?

Simply install and run our 4 click solution to migrate your site to AWS in minutes!

What does the plugin do?

This plugin provides a data transfer and AWS architecture build solution through a simplified user interface.

  • Provides an efficient and flexible tool for data export to S3
  • Offers a simplified Architecture Selection / Build interface using Lightsail pricing model
  • Builds complete AWS architecture using data from source
  • Presents an interface for Platform / DNS Configuration

Who is this plugin for?

This plugin is primarily aimed at WordPress users who self-manage their site and have identified AWS as the solution to their hosting requirements. Users can choose a single-use license through their own AWS account or the Seahorse managed service solution.

WordPress developers however, handling multiple migrations may choose the Enterprise version, to better manage the hand over of production ready sites to a client e.g. localhost => AWS, dev server => AWS etc.

What does it cost?

Users who opt to use the solution to migrate to their own AWS account (single-use license fee TBC) can view the monthly AWS costs on the Lightsail Pricing page – prices start from $3.50 per month. Seahorse will release the managed solution costs in March, 2020 – monthly service charge for managed solution.

I am interested in partaking in the beta testing phase!

Declaration: I “the under-signed” of sound mind do hereby declare that I am willing to be a Seahorse guinea pig for WP2AWS testing! Please let me know when you can start your lab tests on me. I understand that by signing up as a potential beta tester I will be able to use the product during the beta phase but it may not have the exact look and feel I am looking for. I will give you the best feedback I can in this regard but will voice my outrage if the final version is not up to scratch and you have not taken on board my input.

Yours sincerely,

The person about to fill the form.

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* 2020-01-20 13:36:15 Phase 1 beta registration is now closed.
Applications remain open for Phase 2 beta testing.

Counting Down to WP Migrate 2 AWS Testing Phase


WP Migrate 2 AWS is a software product that aims to address the difficulty that many WordPress administrators experience with migrating their site to AWS. Migrating to another hosting provider comes up repeatedly in WordPress surveys as being a major pain point with the platform.

When bootstrapped sites outgrow their existing hosting (often shared hosting initially), surveys have shown that WordPress administrators identify AWS as the solution to their difficulties but often choose to postpone/cancel their migration when they are confronted with the challenges migrating to AWS can bring. AWS is seen as the engineer platform, not easily adopted by a non-tech user. Cost is considered as the major concern but also the loss of control for those site owners who have built their platform themselves until this point.

WP Migrate 2 AWS is a WordPress Plugin that will bridge that technical-cost-control gap allowing site owners to maintain control of their site by carrying out the migration themselves with our 4-click solution, via a well documented and user-friendly interface.

If you have any concerns ahead of signing up for our beta testing phase, please feel free to contact us.