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Secure handling and management of your data is critical to the effective operation of any website and essential to the success of your business. Take control of your data with Seahorse. Our solutions allow business owners to continue to self manage their WordPress sites by carrying out data management tasks themselves easily and without any technical knowledge.

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WP Migrate 2 AWS

Migrate or transfer a WordPress site to AWS in minutes with WP Migrate 2 AWS. This simple to use, low cost solution allows WordPress administrators to carry out an AWS website migration themselves easily and in minutes!


This is a simple to use and fast method for the migration of WordPress sites to AWS. The plugin builds a fresh install of WordPress too (running PHP 7+) so you don’t have any concerns about loading up the latest version or carrying any nasties from your existing installation.

Adeeb Loharani

I was looking for a simple way to push client WordPress sites that I had developed locally to AWS. It was taking me a whole day to set up even the simplest of architectures. With this plugin I was able to transfer and build with a few clicks. Also I can choose to either create an AWS account for my client or pass them to Seahorse to be managed – Aarav

Aarav Anand

We held off migrating our site to the Cloud way too long because every quote we got to carry out the move was huge. We knew for over a year that we needed to migrate (because we were losing sales at peaks regularly) and had identified AWS as the best option but it took us stumbling across WP Migrate 2 AWS to actually complete the task and we did it in about 5 minutes!

Ryan Jones