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There is no charge to migrate a site. You can run a test migration for free at any time (test sites stay active for 36 hours after migration)

Seahorse offers a fully Managed Hosting Solution so no AWS account is required

WP on AWS provides a data transfer and AWS architecture build solution through a simple to navigate interface and a control panel to easily manage the sites AWS infrastructure once migrated. No AWS technical knowledge required

  • Provides an efficient and flexible tool for data export to S3
  • Offers a simplified Architecture Selection / Build interface using Lightsail model
  • Builds complete AWS architecture using data from source
  • Presents an interface for Platform / DNS Configuration
  • Control Panel interface to manage AWS infrastructure

This plugin is primarily aimed at WordPress Developers & Agencies who manage their clients hosting and have identified AWS as the solution to their hosting requirements.

With the managed service sites are migrated to the default Seahorse AWS account only so you do not need to have/create an AWS account. 

Seahorse are a Certified AWS managed service provider so we will handle all billing for the managed service. For the licenced version of the software, users need to create their own AWS account for billing by AWS directly. 

Free Tier resources are not in use through the Seahorse model. You can avail of these only by creating your own AWS account (free tier does not apply to Lightsail WordPress)

No this is not a free hosting service – there are no fees or charges during the beta period which ends on August 31st, 2020. The migration service is free to use however.

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