Our Story

Who we are and what we do

Who are we?


Seahorse was formed in 2018 by 3 WordPress Developers with a goal to share resources to migrate all of our existing client hosting to AWS within 12 months. 

At this point, none of us could take anymore of the endless phone calls from irate clients telling us their site was down, too slow, losing sales etc. The combined pool of clients was almost exclusively on basic shared hosting (in the US despite 90% of our clients sites being in the EU) which meant that there was little or nothing that could be done without access to the infrastructure to properly manage the underlying hosting.

We had AWS certified resources we could call on but the process of setting up a WordPress architecture and managing it was slow and cumbersome so the idea of dealing with the legacy sites required some combined thinking and so an entity; Seahorse was formed as our mediator!

The Evolution

Why Seahorse

Initially we started with a terraform method to automate the AWS architecture build for new clients (part of our original agreement is that no new WordPress client hosting would be deployed to shared hosting!). This was expanded into a version we could run on our DEV Servers which automated the migration of data after the build.

It wasn’t till late 2018 when we started to devise a strategy for migrations, that the idea of integrating the process directly with WordPress was born.

The Timeline

When is it Available

  • v.2.3.* v.2 Self-Managed Solution release: Nov 30, 2020 Link to Self Managed Tutorial

  • v.3.2.* v.3 Self-Managed Solution release: Jun 02, 2022 WCEU 22

  • v.4.1.* v.4 Self-Managed Solution extended functionality release: Oct 14, 2022

  • v.5.0.* v.5 Self-Managed Solution upgraded media transfer release: Jun 08, 2023 WCEU 23

The Product

What does it do?

Migration Tool

Easily Migrate, Clone or Transfer sites to AWS from within your WordPress interface without any AWS knowledge! Here is a look at the UI for the migration element of the software.

Management Console

Manage AWS Hosting via your WordPress interface! Version 3.2.* of the dashboard will contain the following data:

  • Region 
  • Price Plan
  • Metrics
  • IP Addresses
  • Attached Disks / Load Balancers / Databases
  • Alarms
  • Instance History

Actions available in this release:

  • Scale up/down Plan
  • Change Region
  • Boot from Snapshot
  • Reboot
  • Add Alarms to monitor your AWS instance

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