Age Group: 30’s
Place of Work: Agency Owner at a
WordPress Agency

Jason Ryan

Jason is tired of endless phonecalls from irate customers becausetheir website is down. He has know about Cloud Hosting for many years, and knew he needed to migrate, but feared it would be costly, and very disruptive to his business. He tried explaining to customers their hosting wasn’t up to the requirements of their website, but clients don’t understand this, and didn’t want to spend on a VPN. They just wanted Jason to fix it as it was now.

Jason Goals

Jason would like to get his fleet of WordPress websites up into the cloud. He would love the scalability and flexibility of cloud hosting, and to be in control of his hosting costs. He would love to get to a point where new clients are automatically pushed onto the cloud.

Jason's Needs and Pain Points

Jason is tired of irate clients, and the disruption to his work that brings. He also feels that his competitors may steal a march on him by offering cloud services. Jason does not have the cloud engineering skills or the tech know how for AWS, and feels that it would be expensive, with a steep learning curve that would take far too much time and be very disruptive to his business. Jason’s skills are specific to WordPress and is familiar with shared hosting. he is siloed in specific areas of technology

What Surprises Jason About Seahorse

Jason is amazed that it can be this easy. He can’t believe its simple to use and manage. He is impressed by the speed at which he can adopt and transition from where he is now to AWS. Jason is further impressed by the added extras that Seahorse would bring like updating PHP, and within 4 clicks he can move a site to an optimised server without the site being down. He sees Seahorse as taking away the pain and saving him time

Age Group: 20’s
Place of Work: Freelancer / Solopreneur
WordPress Developer

Anna Ivanof

Anna is a young woman from Eastern Europe who runs a freelance business developing websites on a small scale, typically about one website a month, and selling into Europe. Anna is very active on WordPress Forums and social media. She is very hands on in the business and enjoys the personal relationships with her clients. She likes to be seen as knowledgable, and has a college degree. Anna spends her spare time coding games and enjoys photography.

Anna's Goals

Anna dreams of her business becoming a bigger agency, where she can get away from day to day coding, and concentrate on the more technically advanced work.

Anna's Needs and Pain Points

Anna feels that the marketplace for her is very crowded, and finds it hard to be known. She wants something that will differentiate her from all the other developers like herself. The work she currently does is absolutely everything, from low paying tasks at €2 an hour to higher paying tasks at €10 an hour. She is from a design background and adopted the field of technology. Anna feels she is a little behind others, and lacks some confidence in taking on new technology

What Surprises Anna About Seahorse

Anna sees Seahorse as taking away the need for her have the skills needed for cloud hosting. She is pleased to see the cost of entry is affordable, and thinks migration would be very easy. She is amazed that she can get into this so quickly, and loves the added value that Seahorse brings her. She can now offer her clients the best option in hosting, and she can demonstrate knowledge to her clients. Seahorse would also allow Anna more time to work on important things in her business as her service processes would be minimised by Seahorse.

Age Group: 30’s
Place of Work: Business Owner of a cosmetics brand

Janice Liu

Janice is a business owner running a cosmetics business with online sales turning over about €50,000 a month. She sometimes does promotions that increase traffic to her website. Janice is an independent business selling through her website at high volume on low priced goods. Janice is used to dealing with issues on her website, for example abandoned carts. Currently she sells direct to consumer but would like to be stocked in larger retail outlets

Janice's Goals

Janice has noticed the conversion rates dropping on her site, and she is losing business in the abandoned carts left on her site. She feels her site may be too slow and that growth in sales might be restriced on her current hosting. Her main goal is to increase sales.

Janice's Needs and Pain Points

Abandoned carts and slow website speeds are giving Janice’s customers a bad experience of her brand. She knows that she needs to do something about her hosting platform, and is unsure what to do as she is managing the site herself. She does not have any developer help, but she would be willing to to subcontract to someone to handle things for her.

What Surprises Janice About Seahorse

Janice is very surprised at how easy it is to migrate her website, and feels that Seahorse makes it easy for her as her technical knowledge would be limited. She is delighted that she can still manage it herself very easily. The cost of it would be a secondary concern, but she is pleasantly surprised at its low cost relative to the control and improvement to her site that it gives her. Janice was thinking about starting a spin off online business but was reluctant to take on more of what she had been dealing with before. Seahorse has given her more confidence to carry on with her spin off idea.

Age Group: 50’s
Place of Work: Business Owner managing multiple WordPress Websites

Frank Browne

Frank started the business with one website, and over the years he has expanded the business with any new products, each requiring their own website and brand. He currently uses WP Engine to manage his multiple websites as it gives him easy access to cloud hosting, but he lacks in house expertise in this area and feels that WP Engine may not be adequate enough.

Frank's Goals

Frank does not have in house knowledge to know the full benefits of cloud hosting, although he does know that the wider industry view is that it is far superior. He feels he needs to have his websites on cloud hosting but lacks the knowledge around this to manage it himself.

Frank's Needs and Pain Points

Many of Frank’s websites are suffering from poor performance. Although he has good technical knowledge, he knows that they are at capacity with the current set up on their in house servers, and they should really be considering going into the cloud. Frank is nervous of doing this because he, and his staff, lack the detailed understanding of cloud hosting that they need to make the transition. Frank feels he would have to engage the costly services of a cloud engineer, and he would then be fearful of managing the sites himself.

What Surprises Frank About Seahorse

The biggest surprise to Frank was that he did not need to engage a cloud engineer. He liked that he could scale individual sites up or down according to the volume of traffic each site needed. The facility to manage all sites from a central point is very appealing to Frank, and the fact that when he needs to deploy changes to his sites, they are not in maintenance for hours, because it happens within split seconds in AWS cloud hosting services

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