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by Alan Bracken in , , , on September 30, 2020
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WP on AWS is not like any other migration tool out there. Introduced by AWS Technical Partners, Seahorse in 2021, this software is built for the non-technical user and allows you to migrate your WordPress website from any host to AWS easily and quickly with little to no cloud technical knowledge or experience.

What makes it different is that unlike other migration tools, WP on AWS is fully automated, so you can simply click through to complete the clone process ensuring zero downtime on your source site.

Ready to test it out? It’s simple and best of all its FREE to trial:

AWS Trial User Guide Link to AWS Labs

  1. Install the WP on AWS plugin.
  2. Click Here to receive your Trial licence key and register in the plugin interface
  3. Complete steps 2-5 and receive an email with a link to your cloned site in the Seahorse/AWS sandbox environment

The WP on AWS build process uses the latest Bitnami WordPress AMI release for AWS ensuring your destination server is using the latest recommended version of PHP and MYSQL/MariaDB.

Trial clones instances are active for a 6-hour period to allow users to review before their newly cloned site in AWS. To complete a migration, clone or upgrade to a nominated AWS account users can purchase a premium licence.

Core Features:

  • Works on any host or operating system including local environments
  • Uses latest Bitnami WordPress AMI recommended release
  • Supports custom hooks, plugins, themes etc.
  • Featured in AWS Lightsail Labs as a recognised migration tool for WordPress
  • End-to-end trial support

Premium Features:

  • All the core features above and…
  • Migrate, clone or upgrade to a nominated AWS Account
  • Select the AWS Region where your new instance will be located
  • Select the size of the new instance hosting your cloned site
  • Easily clone development/staging instances
  • Easily upgrade PHP and MYSQL/MariaDB
  • Monitor your AWS Lightsail stack from within WordPress
  • Monitor your AWS instance key performance indicators from within WordPress
  • End-to-end self-managed support

Here are some more reasons to use WP on AWS …

Upgrading your instance (PHP & MYSQL/MariaDB):

Whether you are currently using AWS or any other hosting provider for your WordPress site, you will be familiar with the alert that is now frequently posted highlighting the need to upgrade your version of PHP & MYSQL/MariaDB.
WP Webmasters need not stress about this anymore! WP on AWS allows users to easily run a clone, debug any version compatibility issues and simply switch IPs to adopt the latest version with upgraded components.

Control your development/staging instances:

Why run over-provisioned development/staging environments? With WP on AWS you can easily spin multiple instances at much reduced sizes than the source site.
This allows you to control your usage costs but also allows for cost optimised performance management where development/staging instances are always ahead of production. This is also useful for cost-effective A-B testing etc.



  • v.2.3.* v.2 Self-Managed Solution release: Nov 30, 2020 Link to Self Managed Tutorial
  • v.3.2.* v.3 Self-Managed Solution release: Jun 02, 2022 WCEU 22
  • v.4.1.* v.4 Self-Managed Solution extended functionality release: Oct 14, 2022
  • v.5.0.* v.5 Self-Managed Solution upgraded media transfer (target release date): Aug 31, 2023
Excluding 23% tax

Billed once per year until cancelled

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