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Trial Users Faq's

You do not need an AWS account to run a trial clone. A self-manage licence however requires an AWS account as this is where the instance will be built. Seahorse offers an account creation service for users if required.

Trial instances are created in our Seahorse / AWS environment

No, the software does not currently allow migration or management of WordPress multisite. Multisite support is part of our development roadmap however and will be delivered later in 2021

Trial instances are active for 6 hours after launch

No, the trial instance is for front-end review only and access to the WordPress admin of the site is restricted

Trial instances are launched on the $10 Lightsail plan. More information on plan types can be found here: On production licenses the initial migration is also launched on the $10 plan but users are free from there to scale up/down as they wish

Create wordpress admin user for debugging

Create IAM Console user for debugging

Trials are restricted to the eu-west-1 (Ireland) region only. Users have the option to select any of the Lightsail regions however when using a production licence

It is not possible to view the management console on trial instances – please see a screen shot of the interface for self-managed users

There is no limit on the number of times a trial is run so if you need to see a trial again, you can simply re-run the process

Self Managed Users Faq's

The software has file-size restrictions in place to ensure the clone process completes in under 20 minutes. If your website content exceeds this file-size threshold, this data is isolated for manual transfer (indicative alert shown on Step 3). Please contact us if you are unsure about this and we will help you out. There are many ways to do media transfers but here we provide a demo video using the WP XML method

Regarding any CORS errors output, this is related to the IP used to serve the temporary instance. Once the source domain is synced after the migration this will no longer be presented.

See our video guide for how to create and attach the required permissions to the IAM user
In most cases this is related to PHP8 incompatibility – see our video guide which demonstrates how to activate WP debug: The debug output will indicate what is triggering the fatal error. Deactivate to launch your site. You can deactivate a plugin via WP-CLI using this command (replace “hello” with your plugin name)
wp plugin deactivate hello

MYSQL Hostname: localhost
MYSQL Port: 3306
MYSQL User: root
MYSQL Password: sudo cat /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials

You can see DB connection details from DB instance.

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