Customers Notice – December 2020

by Lars de Jong in AWS Hosting, Cloud Migrations, WordPress on November 13, 2020

An ‘eventful’ year. This is how we describe 2020.

I am not a native English speaker and because of this I had to think long and hard about the right word to use. In my first draft, I made no reference to Covid19 at all, only mentioning the Seahorse journey and was told that was the equivalent of saying “that aside, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?” – which is funny to a Dutch person too!


So yes, it’s been a tough year for many and we know that the Holiday Season this year is not going to be normal But we are trying to make it as normal as possible for our hard working colleagues by giving them a long overdue break. Because of this, Seahorse has made the decision that we will not be onboarding any new Managed customers during the month of December.


Our colleagues have been fantastic all year and particularly since we officially launched our first product in September. They have taken ownership of their role and managed to keep the ship afloat remotely, which added even more challenges to a start-up finding its feet. Great stuff team!


We have had a huge response particularly since being featured by AWS so we genuinely did not expect the workload we have had to put on the shoulders of our colleagues so we feel we owe it to them to take the foot off the gas for the final month of the year.


Normal business will return on January 4th 2021. Between then, we are still pushing ahead with the release of our self-managed model as planned on December 1st 2020. This will coincide with another AWS feature and tutorial.


I wish to also make a thank you to all our existing customers and say we appreciate your patience in the first 90 days of operations. Support throughout the Holiday Season for existing customers will continue as normal.


Roll on 2021!





Operations Manager

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