Is your WordPress site slow and prone to downtime? Here’s how to solve this problem in minutes!

by Seahorse Admin User in AWS Hosting, Cloud Migrations, WordPress on January 2, 2020

Inadequate hosting solutions maybe harming your business. AWS is the best solution to this problem and WP on AWS is the best tool available to get your WordPress site onto the cloud.

Is your WordPress site slow and prone to downtime? You are not alone. Many WordPress users experience problems with the performance of their website due to inadequate hosting, resulting in unsatisfied customers and a lack of productivity and engagement from their audience. The simplest way to fix this problem is to migrate your site to AWS Cloud. AWS is recognised for its reliability and flexibility of use, frequently outperforming other competitors in the industry. The only problem? Up until now, migrating your website to AWS Could has been an extremely convoluted process, requiring skills and a large budget not always accessible to smaller self managed sites/businesses.

But this is about to change with the introduction of a clever new WordPress plugin, WP on AWS. This easy to use tool will redefine your perception of what migrating to AWS should be because it makes the process so seamless and stress-free. You only need to install the plugin and in just a few clicks, you will have migrated your entire website to AWS Cloud. The best part is that the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Moreover, using the WP on AWS plugin is incredibly straight-forward, and it does not require any tech know-how whatsoever.

So if you are experiencing issues with the performance of your WordPress website or you are a developer looking for a solution to better manage the hand over of production ready sites to clients, check out this plugin: WP on AWS or please feel free to Contact Us for more information

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